I’ve found that holidays or rather any special day always happens to be just a little more special now that I have dogs. I know, it may sound silly, and perhaps, that I spend too much time with my dogs, which on some days is most definitely true. Lately however, I have discovered that any celebration is infinitely more exciting with dogs.

Today was one such day since it was Easter, and it truly went to the dogs.

20150328_130452Don’t be fooled by Simon and Rosee’s relaxed poses here, they were egg-hunting machines.


In fact, Simon and Rosee especially are quite good at opening the plastic eggs and fishing out the treat inside.

We couldn’t help setting up our own hunt in our backyard.

IMG_1544 IMG_1546

I particularly like to take the dogs on an egg hunt because it allows them to use their sniffers.

Now, I know not everyone celebrates Easter and if you don’t then I wish you a very Happy Sunday. I hope it’s full of rest and relaxation!

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