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In the Dog House. . . Or Not

When Simon was a little guy my family bought him a dog house. It was a really, really nice house. Made out of wood, raised off of the ground, two little windows you could prop open, and a nice large opening that he could grow into. The thing literally looked like a mini house. Did he love it? Sure, he loved to tear it apart. By the time Rosee moved in she loved to tear it apart too. The two made quite a formidable pair in the beginning. Soon enough the house was nothing but torn shingles and chewed up edges. It was basically a hazard for humans and dogs to be around (splinters galore!), so it had to go. Losing this (beautiful) house was hard. Honestly, it wasn’t too much about the money. We had bought the house online when it was on sale and we had an extra coupon code, so it was cheaper, but it still cost a good amount of money. Also, Simon didn’t really use the house. Sure, he loved to hide away with his toys in it when he got tired of us humans (and later Rosee) trying to take said toys away from him, but he never really cared to sit in his house otherwise. No, what made throwing the remnants of dog house away was that it was a nice-looking house. However, what’s done is done.

Life goes on.

And igloos became in vogue.

Yes, it’s true. Sitting in my backyard are two, large igloos. Or more aptly named “Dogloos.” They each take up quite a few feet of space individually and act as the perfect things to run into. Seriously. I don’t think either igloo has ever been used properly as a dog house by either Simon or Rosee. Sure, Simon will run inside one every once in a while in order to hide his toy from a plundering Rosee, but for the most part the igloos serve as lovely patio decorations.

IMG_1324Now, the two igloos are slightly different from each other. The first one (i.e. the one we picked up first) is a light beige color and is curved rather like a snail shell. It is made by Petmate and is actually called “Indigo.” It has the main cabin part and then like a little hallway that sticks out and acts as an entrance too. It’s rather short, being only about 2 feet tall, is about 2 feet long, and about 3 feet wide. The house is by no means small, but Simon (who is about an inch taller than Rosee) still has to crouch down in order to get inside. The actual house part (the igloo) is slightly taller than the little entranceway/hallway, so Simon fits, he just has to do it gently. The house is made out of sturdy plastic and has withstood the past two years, and still looks good.

IMG_2180The second igloo my family got is an actual “Dogloo.” By now it is a slight dusty white color, and actually looks like a stereotypical igloo, it even has the indentations on the outside as if made out of tons of blocks of ice. It is about 3 feet tall, 3 feet long, and 3.5 feet wide. It is rather large and definitely takes up more space than the other dog house. However, it is not that heavy, so it is easy to move around the backyard patio. Again, this particular house has survived the past two years with being knocked into, chewed on, and so much more and it is still standing strong.

IMG_2186In fact both of these dog houses have turned out to be good additions to my family’s backyard. Both houses are made out of heavy-duty plastic. So, they are quite easy to clean. All it takes is a good hosing down and all of the dust and mud (from Simon) is washed away. Also, and probably most importantly, neither house retains any of the midday sweltering heat. California certainly gets hot, especially during the summer, and even though my backyard has a big canopy covering the main patio area it still stays quite warm. However, both dog houses stay cool and comfortable despite the humidity and sometimes suffocating heat. I would say that these particular types of houses have certainly been welcome flourishes to a dog-friendly backyard.

So, sturdy and long-lasting dog houses: check. Houses that Simon and Rosee will use: uncheck. Fact, Simon and Rosee still don’t really use their dog houses. Sure, Simon will run into on or the other when he has a squeaky toy to try and hide from Rosee, but Rosee refuses to put all four feet into either house. She’ll lean her little body as far in as she can, but still keep her two back legs firmly planted just outside the opening. Even when I try to nudge her inside, she abandons her task of taking the squeaky toy from Simon and runs away from me. It’s not that she’s scared of the houses or that she doesn’t like to go into things (she is crate-trained after all), she’s just adamant about not wanting to put her back feet into the houses. Oh well.

Because the ground is so much more comfortable.
Because the ground is so much more comfortable.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I bother keeping two large dog houses in the backyard if the only use they tend to get is as the occasional hiding spot. Truth is dog houses are good things. I’d like to believe that when I put them outside and am not looking they are putting the houses to good use. I’d like to think that when they’re older and want to spend some quality time with nature they will find the houses more appealing. And really, the houses don’t take up that much room even in my small-ish backyard and they are easy to move, so it makes them easier to deal with. Also, the two houses combined cost $25. Yes, that’s right. $25!

You see, the Petmate Indigo dog house previously belonged to a family friend. When said friend heard we had a dog (Simon) she offered to give us the house because her dog simply didn’t use it (sound familiar?) and she figured she’d get rid of it anyway. Dog house for free, yes please! The Dogloo house however, is the one that cost the aforementioned $25. My stepdad ended up driving by a family’s garage sale one weekend and happened upon this dog house for sale. By that time we had Rosee and figured two houses were better than one. Also, $25!

Anyone who has looked into purchasing a dog house from a pet store knows that these babies start at $80, and that’s a lot of money to be spending on something a dog might use some of the time. Prior to acquiring our dog houses my family had shopped around at the various pet stores to find the best deal, but it was hard to commit to $80, and at some stores it was closer to $120 because we needed the bigger house. It was especially difficult to commit to spending so much money because my family already had spent a good chunk of change on that first really nice dog house. (It had windows!) However, it seems in this case some unconventional “shopping” methods are what made the difference, and what a good one it was.

It's just so big!
It’s just so big!

While I am happy to sing the praises and durability of both the Dogloo and Petmate Indigo dog houses (they really are great houses), they are more wallet-friendly ways to acquire such wonderful dog accessories. Talk to friends, scour garage sales, look online for used ones and I’m confident with a little leg work you will be able to find your best barker a nice outside abode. In fact, just this last week while out on a Sunday morning walk my group passed a yard sale and what did we find? A Dogloo.

Dealing with Doo-doo

Another day, another pile to deal with, and unfortunately it is not one that Simon left for me.

Out on a walk (déjà vu hitting you yet?), the sun was shining up in the blue sky with a nice little breeze keeping it from being overbearingly hot. Simon decided to be a stubborn little something and did not feel like relieving himself during the ten minutes we had already spent at the nearby park. So, we were forced to continue on our walk and hope he didn’t decide to just stall in the middle of somewhere more regrettable. Fate, meaning Simon, is not so amenable.

Halfway through our walk Simon just couldn’t take it anymore and squatted . . . in the middle of the sidewalk. Now, in the town that we call home there is a street that has one of those roundabouts, with a large patch of grass in the middle and four houses surrounding it. Simon decided to relieve himself as we walked on the side of this roundabout, right on the sidewalk next to one of these houses. We were literally one block from the park.

The four of us (me, Theresa, Simon, and Rosee) have walked this roundabout for the past two years (three years if you count the time before Rosee) since it leads the way to and from one of our favorite local parks. We’ve passed by all the same houses and people for that long too. And for the past few years we have been model walkers. Every single time Simon or Rosee poops it gets picked up, we even go buy the more expensive and thicker lavender –scented bags in order to do a better job of picking it up. Theresa and I always do our best to also keep Simon and Rosee’s marking instincts away from the nice and well-kept lawns we walk by. However, sometimes Simon (because it’s usually Simon) just can’t help himself and the instinct to go takes over.

So, Simon pooped on the sidewalk and before he could even finish with his private affair this, this lady. . . .wait, no, that would assume that she had more class. . .

This woman. . . nope, that’s just insulting to me and everyone else that identifies as such. . .

This coward shouted out of her open window to “Pick up that dog shit.”

And then she slunk back into her shadowed home to hide like the rude weakling that she apparently is. Because let’s be fair, no one just shouts and curses at two girls quietly walking their dogs without being just that. I mean the dog hadn’t even finished going, Theresa was just about to pull out the poop bag from the handy-dandy carrier we always keep attached to the leash, and it wasn’t even in front of her house! He had gone off to the side on the sidewalk, i.e. public property. Quite frankly we didn’t have to do anything, but we’re good people and like to actually pick up after our dogs, so we do and we did. Theresa picked up Simon’s mess and I just stood in front of the offending coward’s house and stared. I could not believe what just happened.

What happened to being a decent human being? To being considerate of others? To giving someone a chance?

Because, you know, I get it. I hate it when other neighborhood dogs poop on my front lawn, and they do it at least once a week. I hate that I go to take the trash out in the mornings and see little logs mucking up my grass. But I deal with it. I pick it up and throw it away. I get mad for ten seconds and then I let it go because it’s over, it’s done with. It’s just poop. Sure there are some people in this world that can’t stand it, that puke at the mere mention of it. Believe me, I have one of those in my own family. However, seeing this poop on my lawn, even seeing the offender caught in action has never made me curse and shout at anyone to go pick that shit up. Maybe this makes me a pushover or complacent, but I believe in just being a nice person. I believe in being decent and considerate. But I guess that’s just me (and the rest of you reading this blog).

It’s unfortunate that this had to happen. It’s unfortunate that now Theresa doesn’t feel comfortable walking down a street we’ve been walking down for three years because she doesn’t want to be verbally harassed (not that I can blame her). It’s unfortunate that one person’s meanness bleeds and stains another person’s happiness so easily.

Why can’t we all just get along?

Oh right, because this person didn’t have the decency to at least come and say what she had to say to our faces. If she did we could have assured her we were always going to pick up Simon’s waste, and that perhaps she should be a nicer person. (It would help with her blood pressure I’m sure.) And then maybe we could’ve at least saved her next unsuspecting victim from such harassment.

It’s such a shame.

Some people are the worst.

It’s a good thing dogs are better.