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4 Reasons My Dog is a Feminist . . .

And the One Reason She’s Just Awesome.

  1. She is confident. Beyond confident. She struts up and down the streets while we’re on walks as confident as can be. (I’m pretty sure it’s her new Freedom No-Pull Harness she’s showing off, but who cares? I’ll take it!) She always has that Pit Bull smile ready for those she meets and decides to fold into her favor. She is a force of happy, confident nature that just wants to be shared with the world, as long as the world understands she also needs her space. Hey, everybody’s got a personal bubble!
  2. She is a trailblazer. Rosee is brave and knocks through barriers like they are made of air (even when those barriers are made of my legs and she’s got a hard head!). She is not afraid to remake the world in her image and try to make it a more accepting and lovable place. She makes mistakes and sometimes goes overboard (with her barking), but she is always ready to learn, mature, and grow from her experiences.
  3. She shuts down objectification. Literally. When someone, anyone, stares at her, directly into her eyes for too long, Rosee lets them know it’s not okay. She barks at them, telling them in her own doggy language to stare at something else, as she is no show to be watched or puppet to be made to perform. She is a dog that knows she is not an object to just be looked at and used! She has feelings and emotions (sometimes very loud emotions), and you had better pay attention to more than just her coat color. She is a dog, a Pit Bull—one put on this earth to enjoy life and share her happiness with others, but only if you don’t stare too long.
  4. She will bark at you regardless of who or what you are. She does not discriminate. She dislikes all people, animals, and leaves that make their way onto her front lawn. She does not care for any car that parks in front of her house that does not belong to her humans. She’s all about fairness and equality when it comes to letting people know of her displeasure with their actions. (Even her own humans when they are too slow with the feeding!)

And finally:

  1. She is a Pit Bull. Yes, that’s right. Rosee is awesome because she is a Pit Bull. She has that wide, happy smile. She has that muscular body. She has ears that go up when she hears interesting sounds, and stay up even when she sleeps. She snores louder than the men in the family when she is asleep, drowning out their snores by decibels! She likes her space to spread out in the sun. She loves to cuddle with blankets on the couch when it’s cold. She is Rosee and she is awesome. (And Simon’s okay too, she guesses.)

Pawsitively Pawsome Spotlight: Cartoonize My Pet

Over this past weekend I stumbled upon the coolest website: Cartoonize My Pet.

Now, the point of this website is pretty much what it sounds like. You turn your pet into a cartoon.

I know, it can sound kind of silly. I mean, why would you want to design a cartoon that looks like your pet, but once you visit the site and try your hand at creating a cartoon you’ll definitely be hooked. Really, I only went to go look around the site and before I knew it I had spent almost half an hour creating a cartoon! It can get addictive quickly, so make sure you have time to spare.

Here’s a quick rundown of the website:

Users can choose from three categories of pets: 1) Dogs, 2) Cats, and 3) Small & Furry. There are other pet options, however they aren’t available quite yet. According to the website, these options haven’t been transferred over from the old website. Nevertheless, within the three aforementioned categories there are numerous options to choose from. If you choose the Dog category, then you choose what breed your dog is and go from there. If you choose the Cat category, then you go straight to creating the cartoon by trying different design categories, and if you choose Small & Furry, then you choose what kind of critter you have and continue on your journey. The designing process can take some time, and not just because it’s so much fun. Rather it can take time because there’s so many options to choose from. Even once your pet is created, there are numerous accessories from which you can choose. Want to add a bandanna or maybe crown? Guess what? You can.

That’s not where things end though. Once your cartoon is done, there is the option of personalizing tons of potential products with your design. Just about anything you can think of to put the cartoon on, they will have in their shop. Personally, I pretty much decided that I wanted one of everything–just saying.

Unfortunately, I do have to mention one potential drawback to the Dog category. If your dog is considered to be an All-American, which is the AKC’s  fancy way of saying mixed breed or mutt, it might be difficult/kind of impossible to cartoonize him/her.

You see, when I first went to try my hand at creating a dog cartoon I was trying to create one for Simon. I picked out a breed, tried to find the closest match to his markings, and by the time I was done and showed off my masterpiece everyone thought it was such a cute rendition of Rosee.


As much as I tried to make a Simon cartoon, it just wasn’t meant to be. He didn’t really fit any of the pre-set breeds available to choose from. Originally, I had chosen the American Pit Bull Terrier breed to start with, but the ears weren’t quite right, the nose wasn’t long enough, and Simon is a wee bit taller. Yet, no other breed even came close to looking like Simon. At one point I thought that perhaps the Dalmatian could work for Simon (and I actually do think he has some Dalmatian in him as he has a lot of spots on his front legs and chest), but the available markings didn’t work for him. Sigh.

So, if you have an All-American dog you may not be able to cartoonize him/her. Still, I think the site is fun to try, even if you make up your cartoon from your own imagination.

If I haven’t already lost you to the Cartoonize My Pet site already, then seriously, visit this site. It’s a lot of fun to design and create your own personalized pet cartoon. Plus, how can someone not enjoy seeing a cartoon version of their pet?

P.S. Don’t forget to share your cartoonized pets! We would love to see your creations.