Santa Watch 2018: Day 16

Day 16, and Rosee’s after a new tail.

Don’t worry, she’s still looking out for Santa’s, but she’s pretty sure she knows where to get some confidential information on St. Nick’s whereabouts.

She’s positive the squirrels know something. You see, those squirrels are constantly running circles around her at the local parks. They’re everywhere – jumping in trees, and scampering around in bushes!
She’ll sniff out those squirrels!

And you know what? Those squirrels must know a pair of chipmunks, who know some ducks, who are good friends with a certain mouse. A mouse that gets around, and knows how to make wishes come true. Surely the mouse knows something about Santa Claus.

Rosee’s even got Simon in on the hunt this time – searching the trees!

The squirrels will talk, Santa Claus, the squirrels will talk . . .


3rd Day of Christmas 2018

On the 3rd day of Christmas my true dog gave to me…

3rd Day of Christmas 2018

three christmas trees,

two striped gray cats,

and an amazing new cat tree!