Day 2 of 13 Days of Halloween 2018

It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus!

A tradition of the Halloween holiday, besides dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, and consuming pumpkin-spiced goods, is watching the movie Hocus Pocus. It’s a movie that’s become synonymous with holiday, and ever since I was a kid it is the movie to watch on Halloween. When I was younger, planning to watch Hocus Pocus on TV was an event, at least in my family. In fact, I can distinctly remember being terrified during the part of the movie when the witches attack the kids as they’re driving a getaway car and Winifred tries to pull Max through the window. These days, however, Hocus Pocus has become even more meaningful, and the magic all started when a little black cat started coming to our porch a few months ago.

Meet the newest member of our family: Binx, the black cat.

Day 2 of Halloween 2018

Binx pretty much adopted us as his family when about four months ago he started coming around for food and pretty much never left. Originally, he was a pretty feral cat and who would run away any time he heard or saw a human. We knew he was coming around to eat at the small bowl of dry cat food we leave out on our porch (for a couple other neighborhood cats that we feed), but soon the strangest thing happened…Binx and Shadow (one of our other inside cats) started to fall in love.

You see, we have a metal screen door and so we like to be able to leave our front door open with just the screen door closed. At night our cats, Orion, George and Shadow, love to sit in front of the screen door and watch the world outside. Well, night was also the time that Binx would always come to visit our porch and before we knew it our cats and Binx started talking to each other through the screen door. In particular, Shadow would wait for him at the door and they would meow and meow at each other, rub against the screen door on either side, and fall asleep staring at one another through the door. Even when it was time to close the front door Shadow would jump on the front window’s ledge while Binx would jump up and sit on a tall planter that sits against the window on the outside and they would continue to stare at each other through the window. It truly was magical to watch their interactions with one another.

Day 2 of Halloween 2018 (2)

So, of course, it was an easy decision to officially adopt Binx into our family. He truly is our Halloween cat. Given his coloring, bright orange collar, and the time of year the name Binx seemed to fit him best.


Maybe it was fate, magic, or just Hocus Pocus…whatever you want to call it..I’m just glad he’s ours.

P.S. Let us know which Halloween movie is your favorite in the comments below!

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