Day 2 of 13 Days of Halloween (2017)

My favorite part of October and Halloween time (other than the weather finally being less than 90 degrees) is the decorations!

I love putting up decorations for Halloween and the Fall season. I mean, I could put up decorations to celebrate other holidays earlier in the year, but at this time of year I guess I feel more motivated to decorate and try my hand at crafty projects.

For instance, this year I put together this Maleficent-inspired wreath that I found here on the Disney Family website (along with many other cool DIY crafts for the holiday). I did make some modifications from the original design because I didn’t want to deal with spray painting the wreath black (it’s been way too windy where I live) or waiting for the paint to dry, and I used green and purple ribbon  instead of black and purple. In the end though, I like how my wreath turned out and it really wasn’t that hard to put together.


Simon and Rosee also provided me with much emotional support through this project.

Not to be outdone though, Rosee and Simon lent their paws to put up the rest of the decorations both inside and outside of the house.

Even George got in on the decorating fun…


Now all that’s left for Rosee and Simon is to take a nap!

Halloween decorating can be exhausting.

So what decorations do you enjoy putting up for Halloween or just for the Fall time? Do you like the creepy and crawly kind or the cute kind? Or perhaps the cute, creepy?


Also make sure you check back tomorrow for more Halloween and Fall inspired posts.

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