Dear Driver

Dear Driver-who-almost-hit-me-and-my-dog,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that my dog and I were in your way.

I’m sorry that my dog and I were in your way as we crossed the street.

I’m sorry that my dog and I were in your way as we crossed the street on a cold, but clear Saturday morning, after looking both ways to ensure that no cars were coming our way, after we had already made it to the middle of the crosswalk, as we were decked out in bright colors to be easily seen on an already bright morning, as you came upon us from behind so we had no way to get out of your way should your foot on the brake hesitated one second too long.

I’m sorry you were in such a hurry and we were not. What is a daily ritual and relaxing time for me and my dog, was nothing more than an inconvenience and something to run over for you.

I’m sorry that you obviously don’t understand the bond between a human and his/her dog, that you don’t know the feeling of such unconditional and non-judgmental love that dogs and animals in general are capable of towards their human companions and vice versa. I’m sorry that no such relationship exists for you because even if just one did, then you would have allowed me and my dog to cross the street safely.

If you had any sort of compassion and consideration for others in the world you wouldn’t have driven up so fast and close to me that I almost had the front of your truck imprinted on my shirt. You wouldn’t have stopped right in front of me in the middle of the crosswalk and stared at me like I was doing something wrong when I had started crossing before you even approached the street to turn. You wouldn’t have snuck up on me from behind, leaving me and my dog to scatter while you kept going with your day, wholly unbothered. (I’m sorry my death glare did absolutely nothing to you.)

But mostly, I’m not sorry that you didn’t hit us. I’m not sorry that our lives weren’t changed in indescribable ways, because I would have hated (and I mean hated) to ruin your life.


Monica and Simon

P.S. Let’s not meet at the same crosswalk next Saturday. Deal?

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