Pawsitively Pawsome Spotlight:

It’s no secret that finding a place to live if you rent or lease can be a difficult task if you are a dog owner. If you have a big dog though, forget about it. Now, I, myself, have never experienced this unfair treatment (thankfully). However, I do know that many apartments do not allow dogs. Sometimes there are weight restrictions, such as animals over 25 lbs. are prohibited, but other times there are breed restrictions (read: restrictions against Pit Bulls or other similar types). It’s unfair, and one of the biggest reasons many dogs end up being turned over to shelters. In fact, my own cousin and his family was recently looking into moving from an apartment to a rental house, and found that most of the houses they were looking at didn’t allow them to bring their three dogs. Even though their dogs were quite small (think Pomeranians) and fairly well-behaved, the property managers refused. Fortunately, in their case, their dogs were able to find homes with other family members, but I know that that is not always the outcome.

That’s why this week’s spotlight is on the campaign

I’ve known about this organization for a while, and perhaps you’ve taken notice of these lovely stickers adorning car bumpers while driving around in your own city.


Only recently me and Monica decided to take the plunge and send away for the stickers. The basic idea is not just to get a nifty bumper sticker for your car (though they are pretty pawsome, right?), it’s to fight, or as the campaign’s website says, “Lick Discrimination.” By putting one of these stickers on your car you’re showing your support to end housing and insurance discrimination of Pit Bull owners and their dogs. All it costs you is $2 and you can pick from your choice of four different designs. I must mention that while we originally picked the black design, when we opened our envelope we found we got two stickers for the price of one! Each $2 collected is considered a donation and goes towards fighting discrimination.

Once you receive the sticker, the next step is to take a picture of it on your car, with your dog, or whatever you choose to photograph, and then you share it either on Instagram or Facebook. Unfortunately, me and Monica are somewhat social media-challenged and have not gotten as far as posting our own pictures of our newly stickered car. We’ll eventually do it though!

What I also like about this campaign is that it doesn’t just offer bumper stickers. On their website  they offer Tips for Owners on how to find housing, a list of housing and insurance resources that are said to be non-discriminatory, and numerous pictures of Pit Bulls and their families (both human and animal alike). Besides the store where t-shirts and buttons are sold along with the stickers, there is a list of the various shelters/rescue groups that have partnered with them as well. Furthermore, there is a blog,  but it kind of leaves something to be desired. There are very few entries, although I do really like the one on pet resumes. Still, I would like more information on current issues, statistics perhaps, or maybe even more specific information on exactly what they are doing.  Lastly, I do want to mention their “I Am” Campaign, in which people are encouraged take a picture with their “I am a good neighbor” sign or their “I am a good tenant” sign, and then post to either Instagram or Facebook. The idea is to “create a conversation”, and what I especially like about this campaign is that it is more universal than the bumper sticker campaign. Any dog owner can take up these signs to fight against housing and insurance discrimination. Like I shared earlier, even people with smaller dogs can have a difficult time finding housing.

So, if you want to show your love of Pit Bulls, are interested in supporting the fight against housing and insurance discrimination, or perhaps just like to look at cute/silly dog pictures, then check out their site at

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