Pawndered Thought: August 4, 2015

One of my greatest foils in life is. . . a short, brown and white, toilet-paper stealing, loud-mouthed, deep snorer, couch potato, french fry-loving. . . um, this could take a while so I’ll just short-hand it. . .


But at least she makes life interesting!

2 thoughts on “Pawndered Thought: August 4, 2015”

  1. Life would be so boring without our dogs. Who wants to quietly sit and watch a movie or TV show with no interruptions?


    1. Thank you! Honestly, not having to get up five times during a half hour television show or chase someone (Rosee) around the living room for a stolen slipper is when life will truly be strange and boring. It’s a good thing I’m a sucker for eventful and exciting days (and opening and closing the back door an infinite number of times a day totally counts as exciting, right?).


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