Review: NaturVet Odor Eliminator Plus

This week I’m going to discuss a topic that may not be the most pleasant. It certainly isn’t the most pleasant smelling, but luckily smell-o-vision hasn’t been invented yet. Nonetheless, if you too have animals in your home then you’re probably already familiar with having to deal with cleaning up their droppings. (I’m not sure the right word to use here, but you know what I mean right?) All dogs “go”, and all owners have to clean up after them. Yet, even if you are diligent about cleaning up after them, like we are, there is always a lingering smell, and with it comes flies. Various avenues have been traveled down in hopes of getting rid of this lingering odor and the accompanying flies. At first, water was used to wash the area where Simon and Rosee “go”, which helped, but by the time it was dry the odor was back. Next, water and vinegar was used, unfortunately that did not keep the odor away for very long either. Most recently, we decided to out-mask the offending scent by planting flowers and aromatic herbs, particularly rosemary. Obviously, this didn’t quite work out as well as we’d hoped either. That’s why today I am reviewing NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator Plus. Frankly, it was a last ditch effort to rid the backyard of the offending smell, and the accompanying flies that liked to congregate.

Before I get started on my review though, I want to provide a brief visual tour of the backyard so there is a better frame of reference.

Here is the back door that leads to the outside.
Next comes the walkway that leads to the patio.
This is the main patio area.
This is the main grass area where the dogs like to lay down.
Lastly, this is the side yard where the dogs “go” and also serves as an area to play fetch with Simon when it’s clean.

Now, this may seem strange, but Simon and Rosee have been trained to “go” in a specific part of the yard. Actually, trained might not be the right word as it implies that we humans actively taught them to do something, which is not quite the case here. We did encourage Simon and Rosee to do their business in the side yard when we put in sod in our backyard. However, Rosee and Simon mostly decided themselves that the best place to “go” in the backyard was the side yard because it was the place they spent the least amount of time. Also, the main patio is where their dog houses are, the places they like to lie down, and where we typically play with them. It seems that they made the choice that they’d rather not “go” where they eat type thing.

In the beginning I was somewhat skeptical to try some type of cleaner or deodorizer to get rid of the smell in the backyard. I know something stronger than a basic home remedy like vinegar was needed, but I was hesitant to use something stronger because Simon and Rosee’s skin can be extremely sensitive to things in the environment. Still, I was willing to give the NaturVet spray a chance. As the title says, this is an odor eliminator, but really it’s pretty much like a soap or disinfectant that you can spray in your backyard. It’s fairly easy to use since it has a hose attachment at the top. So all you have to do is twist it on to a hose, turn the water on, and spray over the area that needs to be washed. I, then, like to go the extra step and wash again with water.

This bottle looks a little different than the second one we bought, but it’s basically the same thing. The new kind just has citronella in it as well.

It was decided to try the odor eliminator in the evenings as Simon and Rosee don’t spend much time outside once it’s dark. By that time they enjoy being inside laying on the couch or chewing on bones. Therefore, it seemed the best time to try this new spray wash because it needed to dry before the dogs went on it. The nozzle attachment worked fairly well and once the side yard was sprayed and washed it dried pretty quickly. And the best part…(drum roll)… was that it worked wonders on the lingering smell. The smell was gone and so were the flies! Furthermore, I liked this product because it kept the smell and flies away for quite some time. I think it was about three weeks later that I noticed the smell coming back and decided to wash down the side yard again. The only downside was that the bottle only lasted about 3 or 4 washes before it was empty, which isn’t necessarily terrible since this equates to about 3-4 months and I do know that our side yard is fairly long. Still, I kind of hoped the bottle would have lasted a little bit longer.

Overall, I would recommend this product if you’re looking for a better way to clean and deodorize your backyard. It’s easy to use, works well, and keeps your backyard smelling nice for at least a little while.

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