Pawndered Thought: March 3, 2015

I was working my way through Dear Abby’s advice column Saturday night when I came across a commenter that decided, apparently, that he/she hadn’t been privy to a degrading Pit Bull statement in a while, so they (for gender equality’s purpose will be heretofore referred to as such since it was not made clear what they were) wrote one in.

They wrote that it would be understandable people not wanting to be around a dog it if was a Pit Bull that was growling, lunging, and snarling.

I have only one question for this person.

So, you would rather be around a growling, snarling and lunging German Shepherd?

(Okay, maybe a few more)

An Akita?
A Siberian Husky?
A Great Dane?
A Miniature Pinscher?
A Labrador?
A Golden Retriever?
A Chihuahua?

My point (if you haven’t figured it out already) is that any dog can growl and snarl menacingly and lunge, thereby making a person not want to be around it. Breed should have nothing to do with it.

I challenge this commenter to walk through my neighborhood during the day with all the aggressive, loose Chihuahuas running around. Even if they’re only on the ankles, their teeth sure do hurt and can break skin all the same. (And this author has nothing against Chihuahuas, there just happen to be a lot of mean ones in her neighborhood.) I promise my girl Rosee (a Pit Bull just to be clear) will keep her smiling happy face all to herself. Simon may look your way, but that’s only because he has no impulse control.


So, I guess the Pawndered Thought for the day is: Avoid negativity in life. I would hate for it to upset your dog.

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