Lupine Pet Collars

Lupine Pet Collars…what can I say? I am in love with this brand of collars. Honestly, I these collars are one of the best things I’ve ever bought for Simon and Rosee. Not only are the collars sturdy, they come with a “Even if Chewed Guarantee” and their products are guaranteed for life. Before I get to the review of said collars though, let me tell the story of why such a collar was needed in the first place.


For the longest time the collars we bought for Simon and Rosee were nothing special. They were just collars, plain and simple. Recently though, Rosee and Simon have developed a bit of a bad habit. Instead of wearing their collars around their necks, you know like normal dogs, they take them off one another and play tug-of-war with their collars until it’s in shreds. Then they like to take those shreds of collar and chew on them like they would a bone. I know it sounds crazy, that Simon and Rosee know how to unbuckle one another’s collar, but I’ve witnessed this phenomenon on more than one occasion, and to be honest, it’s actually pretty incredible. Anyways, Simon and Rosee have become quite accomplished at this task, which despite its awe-inspiring effect, is not good. This became quite clear after a particularly poignant incident when Simon decided to eat part of the collar. Luckily, the collar that he ate eventually made its way back up, and he was fine. Still, it was decided that when they were left alone outside (when the collar stealing happened) their collars would be taken off. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of this solution because if something happened and either one of them got out of the backyard, which is highly unlikely but you never know, they wouldn’t have any sort of identification on them. Of course, both of them are microchipped, but tags are easier in identifying animals, and what if they were caught by someone who didn’t have a microchip reader but was just trying to do a good deed. This did actually happen one evening when I found a dog wander into my front yard and was able to identify his name (quite serendipitous that it turned out to be Simon) and owner information by his tags. Ultimately, it was decided that the dogs would only go outside in the backyard if someone was home to keep watch and ensure that their collars stayed on their necks.

In the meantime, they both still needed collars for when they did venture outside, whether it was for walks or other adventures. Yet they had ruined quite a few collars, and I was reluctant to go out and buy them another one of the same. I think the final total of destroyed collars was about four a piece. It may not seem like much, but when each collar was at least ten dollars and their tags needed to be replaced as well, it soon became expensive. Fortunately, one day while browsing the various local pet stores in town for a sturdier collar I came across Lupine dog collars. Not only did the Lupine brand offer various designs, but they were fairly inexpensive and the best part was that they come with an “Even if Chewed Guarantee”. As you can image this guarantee was what really sold me about these collars. After spending way too much money in replacement collars, buying Lupine collars was really a no brainer because not only are these collars guaranteed, but they’re guaranteed for life. Did you catch that? Let me say it again: the collars are guaranteed for life! Actually, all the Lupine products are guaranteed, but I’m focusing on the collars here. (Lupine also makes harnesses, leashes, and stuff for cats.) Lupine makes it super easy to exchange collars too, which is a major plus. In order to receive a replacement item you can mail it back, send a picture of the item and email a form, or take it to the retailer where it was bought and get a replacement. Now, I know you’re thinking that a guarantee like this one is superfluous, but it really does come in handy. With all of the toys, bones, blankets, and other items Simon and Rosee have been through over the years it’s nice to find a company that stands behind its products. Moreover, it’s a big relief when after about 8 ruined collars I didn’t have to spend yet another ten dollars to buy a new one. Best part ever!

Rosee did manage, despite my best dog-sitting skills, to steal Simon’s collar off of him and rip it into pieces.

IMG_0856This was all that we could find of Simon’s collar, and once we mailed it to Lupine it took less than a week to get a replacement.

I really can’t recommend these Lupine pet collars enough. It is a purchase you definitely will not regret.

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