Skid Bowl: Not so Not

What started out as an off-handed comment to my mother about needing more poop bags turned into an afternoon of browsing through the local pet store with her this weekend as we debated what type of yard odor eliminator would be best for our backyard and what rubber toys would last the longest between our two trouble-makers. As we walked around the store, filling our basket with even more toys (because the sign said buy three, get the fourth free so how could we not?), we ended up passing an entire aisle with nothing but food and water bowls. They had every shape, size, and color imaginable. Designs ranged from fish and mice (for cats), to bones, crowns, fire hydrants, and even some with amusing phrases like “Bad to the bone.” There were also much simpler silver bowls, much like the ones these two have at home.

Plain bowls are fun. They are nice and plain. They are easily washed in the dishwasher every week and do their job of holding food and water admirably. However, there is one problem with these plain silver bowls that has arisen since we adopted Rosee almost a year ago. These bowls slide. They slide a lot. Especially when in the midst of eating, and I guess Rosee just uses her nose more to push around the food than Simon does, the bowl moves across our linoleum floor and not even putting it on the kitchen carpet makes a difference.

Now, this sliding wouldn’t be a huge problem (so what if the bowl moves a few inches during the minute it takes Rosee to inhale her food?), except she would push her bowl all the way around the kitchen, thereby making it even more difficult to eat and bumping into Simon a few times in her quest to get to all of her food. Simon never minded Rosee’s sliding much, too intent on slurping up his own food at break-neck speed. However, to the human who took it upon herself to block Rosee’s bowl with her feet while she ate (i.e. me) so the girl could eat more comfortably, the whole sliding act became an annoying problem.

What’s a girl to do?

Find a non-skid bowl that’s what!

And that is exactly what I did. While at the pet store with my mom I came across this plastic, blue bowl that proudly proclaimed it did not skid. How excited was I to see the rubber lining the bottom of the bowl? Super! So I added the bowl to our growing basket and walked out of the pet store confident that Rosee’s sliding act had seen its final curtain.

This blue bowl comes from JW Pet Company, whose tagline proudly states “Intelligent ideas. Happy pets.” Now, I’d have to agree with JW, as I have never seen a bowl quite like this one. Pleasantly named the Skid Stop Slow Feed bowl (large), this particular bowl seemed to be a dream come true.

Not only does it promise not to skid, but it was also advertised to help slow a dog down while eating, as it has four dividers that stick out into the center of the bowl to make getting to the food a little harder for the dog. I found this design incredibly helpful because Rosee, and Simon too, both gobble down their food as if they haven’t seen food before. Having just that little something like the dividers make Rosee slow down and actually chew her food seemed like a great addition to an already great bowl. And the best part? The bowl only cost seven dollars. With all of this greatness coming to rest in the make-up of a single blue plastic bowl I got home, washed it, and put it down on the floor ready to put it to good use.

Unfortunately, with all of the promise it showed at the store, it delivered little at home. I’ll have you know, the skidding has not been put to pasture, only slowed down. The bowl still moves over our linoleum floor quite easily. However, it moves a lot less when placed on the kitchen carpet, so for now Rosee’s eating spot has been moved to the carpet permanently. This move is not a big deal, it’s not like she spills or makes a mess. I was just really looking forward to no skidding at all, especially on the linoleum floor. I do have to say, the bowl’s promise of slowing down eating up to five times seems to be true. Now, instead of scarfing down her food, Rosee takes her time eating her food out of the individual sections and navigating her way around the dividers.

Overall, I would call this JW Skid Stop Slow Feed bowl a good buy. It may not have completely stop the skidding, but it did temper it, and it really delivered on its promise to slow down eating. Also, for the price this bowl was a worthy investment, so much so that my mom is looking forward to going and buying one for Simon who is not a “skidder, “but a “scarfer” and could benefit from eating slower as well. For anyone looking at this bowl or others similar, I could only tell you from my own experience to not expect miracles, or big changes. Rather this bowl provided Rosee’s eating game with minor tweaks that over time will add up to positives such as not tripping over the food bowl underneath the kitchen island and no doggie bloat which can come with eating too quickly. In the end, I’d still call that a win.

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