Review: Bret Michaels Super 8 Dog Toy

Super 8(Now you see it. This is a rather crude depiction of the toy, and only because Simon and Rosee completely destroyed theirs before the birth of this blog and so I have no real picture to share with you. To get a real look at the toy you can go and search for it on the Petsmart website.)

When I first saw this toy I thought it would be the perfect rope toy for Simon and Rosee. They both love playing tug-of-war with each other, and had a more traditional type rope toy previously, but after quite a few months of playing with the toy it was pretty much falling apart. Pieces of the rope began falling out and left behind every time the dogs played with it, and after a while it became apparent that a new rope toy was needed. While I did like the more traditional type rope toy because it was pretty sturdy, lasted a fairly long time, and was a toy that both dogs could play with and grab a pretty big piece of to hold, I wanted to see if there was any other rope toy that didn’t have the exposed ends. Simon and Rosee enjoy chewing on these ends a little too much, and before you know it there is a huge mess of strings on the floor. Therefore, when I found this toy I thought I’d try it because the dogs could still have the fun of playing with a rope toy, but I wouldn’t have to worry about vacuuming up the mess afterwards.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t exactly what happened. Now, being that both Simon and Rosee average about 70 lbs. a piece, when they tug it’s a pretty hard tug. So, I knew that this toy wasn’t going to last forever. I mean, I am realistic about the longevity of toys in this household, although I do expect certain types of toys to last at least a month or two at the very least. I definitely expected it to last more than just a few minutes, and I especially thought it could withstand more than a gentle tug. It seemed that almost immediately after giving Simon and Rosee this toy for the second time one end popped out from the middle plastic piece after, and again I stress the words, a gentle tug. Unfortunately at this point, this was the end of the rope toy. Similar to what happens when you pull on a loose thread on a blanket or sweater and then before you know it the whole thing unravels…well that’s what happened to this toy. Once one end was pulled out it didn’t take long before the braided parts were unravelling, strings were falling out, and the other ends came out of the middle plastic piece. To say that this toy was a disappoint is kind of an understatement. However, I feel that this toy’s biggest flaw was that the rope ends that were simply glued into the middle plastic piece. It was way too easy for the ends to be pulled out, and because of that it was way too easy for the whole thing to fall apart.

Overall, this is not a bad toy, but definitely not one for “powerful chewers” or for dogs who really go for it in a game of tug-of-war with each other. If your dog happens to be a light chewer and is more of a “chase me while I have the toy” (this is Rosee’s type when people play with her) type then this could be a good toy for them. Regrettably, this toy did not work out for Simon and Rosee, and I’ll probably just stick to the more traditional rope toys for now.

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